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Bitcoin mixer

Bitcoin mixer

Bitcoin mixer tool makes your funds untraceable and protect your privacy by replacing your coins with unrelated ones. A mixing tool deletes your coins transaction history so that they can never be traced back to you.

To mix your Bitcoins provide payout addresses for fresh coins. Select a payout delay for each payout address. A payout delay prevents the ability to associate a fresh coin payout with a top-up transaction. For better privacy protection, a delay of at least 4 hours is recommended, and in the case of multiple payout addresses, a unique delay for each address. Mixer service guarantees payment with random time frame with minimal user specified delay. Additional delay possible in case Bitcoin network overloaded. For fresh coins payout, an independent stack of coins is used which is never mixed with coins sent by mixer users.

Minimal payment amount is 0.005 BTC any payments less than 0.005 BTC are considered donations to bitaps.com.

In case you use RBF and replace payment transaction for new one (at example higher fee) promissory will be delayed for operator verification.

This tool is designed to protect your privacy and is not intended to be used for money laundering or crime cover purposes. In case money laundering or crime detected, the payment will be returned back to the sender address, bitcoin transaction fee (0.0005 btc) will be charged.

Payout addresses
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