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Bitcoin stainless wallet backup

Bitcoin stainless wallet backup

Bitcoin stainless wallet backup is designed for storing a backup copy of the mnemonic phrase, which allows you to restore access to the bitcoin software wallet. Stainless steel protects a mnemonic phrase from temperatures up to 1400°C, mechanical damage, corrosion and acidic environments. In combination with threshold secret sharing scheme for mnemonic phrase, a high degree of information protection is achieved both from aggressive influence on the backup copy itself and from unauthorized access in case theft.

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User's manual

User's manual

A set for storing a backup copy of a mnemonic phrase for a cryptocurrency wallet consists of the following components:

  • A - a coin with a top and a bottom screw rings
  • B - a complete set of words in BIP39 English wordlist format
  • С - 2 tools for unscrewing rings and placing words

The coin for storing the mnemonic phrase is initially assembled. To place the words inside the coin, both rings must be unscrewed. Up to 12 words can be placed under each ring, which allows you to store up to 24 words mnemonic phrase in one coin in accordance with the BIP39 standard. In the case of fewer words in the mnemonic phrase, empty elements should be added to ensure that the words are fixed inside the groove. To unscrew the rings, use the special tool from the kit by inserting it into the grooves of the ring and turning it counterclockwise (to the left).

The plate set contains a complete BIP39 English vocabulary. Plates and words are sorted alphabetically. To extract the words from the plates, use a special tool provided. Press down on the bottom of the word to rotate it to a vertical position, and rock the word back and forth a few times until the mount breaks. It is not recommended to extrude the word from the plate, as this can lead to deformation of the word and make it difficult to place it in the coin in the future.

To fit the word into the slot of the coin, use the special notch in the slot, which is located on the right side of the coin in relation to the engraved design. Use the supplied tool to align the word in the notch and move it in the ring slot.

It is extremely important to preserve the existing word order of the mnemonic phrase! Word order is the key to restore access to the wallet. A broken word order is equivalent to the loss of a mnemonic phrase. To avoid errors in word order, the following rules should be followed:

  • words should be put into the coin in the order in which they appear in the mnemonic phrase
  • the first 12 words should be located on the front side of the coin
  • the rest of the words should be on the back
  • if the number of words is less than 24, then the remaining places in the coin should be filled with empty elements

In the set of plates with words there is a plate with empty elements and clamps. Empty elements are used to fix words in case the number of words in the mnemonic phrase is less than 24. Fixators are designed to block the word after they are installed.

To twist the ring, place it pattern side up so that it overlaps the word groove and turn it clockwise (to the right). It is important that the ring is not skewed, otherwise, when the ring is twisted, it may jam due to a mismatch between the threads on the ring and in the coin case. For the convenience of twisting and unscrewing the rings, use the tool.

When restoring access to a cryptocurrency wallet from a backup stored inside the coin, it is necessary to unscrew the ring from the needed side and read the words in accordance with the order in which they are placed.